hi, I’m Claire—it’s nice to meet you! 


I’m a Tucson-based brand & experience designer and creative consultant who connects people to brands and each other.

I help my clients tell their authentic story through design in order to be happy in their brand and business, and contribute to a thriving creative community. My strategic brand analysis and identity design work help creatives find clarity in their vision and brand. Throughout all of my work, I love solving the problem of branding stopping at the deliverables, bridging the gap between design and experiences.


Find out how to get started & read a little bit about my SERVICES, have a look at my latest WORK, and LET'S TALK if you’d like to work together or simply say hello!


c. seizo is modular

...which means I have the ability to scale my creative team up or down depending on your project's needs. I have an amazing network of creative partners (copywriters, photographers, developers & more) that I can tap into in order to deliver the best possible outcome for your business. 

Although I’m based in Tucson, AZ, I love working with clients near & far.